The Arkhitekts of
Global Change

We fund, deliver and maintain cutting edge projects that make a lasting impact.  Leveraging innovation and expertise to create a greener future for all.

As a visionary organisation, we aim to lead the way in pioneering change and pushing boundaries where fiscal and economic policy can be challenging. We seek to make a meaningful difference in the world we inhabit, implementing innovative ideas, technologies and approaches whilst continually establishing partnerships with industry leaders. 

Together we are paving the way towards a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

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Sustainable Funding Solutions

We provide access to secure global financial solutions that allows projects to be sustainably funded

Subject Matter

We partner with subject matter experts at the forefront of driving sustainable change in areas that require urgent action.

Execution & Delivery Experts

We guarantee project delivery against strict commercial and societal performance measures, ensuring we exceed industry standards every time.

Relentless Drive to Sustainable Solutions

We balance present needs with the welfare of future generations, prioritising responsible resource, environmental stewardship and social equity for sustained, long term well-being

Do you truly aspire to create a positive impact on society?

We collaborate with governments to formulate policies that address pressing social issues. Our aim is to foster economic development and ensure equitable access to resources and opportunities for all.
We empower communities to actively engage in local initiatives, fostering a sense of unity, and contributing to the overall well-being of their residents.
Our collective endeavour is to build a society where individuals thrive, offering a glimpse into a future characterised by social harmony, inclusivity and sustainable development.
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Your journey starts here

Improve the World

Around the world, humans are facing some of the most critical challenges for both humanity and the planet in the history of our existence. But it’s not too late to act.

Drive Sustainable Change

At Arkhitekton, we are dedicated to developing and implementing solutions that address the pressing issues of today, to create a better tomorrow.

Access Funds Quickly

We mobilise global funds and only leverage partnerships with renowned experts who share our commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and innovative solutions.

We aim to lead the way in addressing root causes of human and planetary problems, whilst ensuring our projects and services exceed industry standards with a relentless ethical focus.

Our Vision

“To bridge the gap where economic and financial decisions prioritise people and planetary health.”

We empower and fund the sectors of change

Solar Power

Illuminating the future with sustainable energy solutions.

Wind Energy

Harnessing the power of nature for a cleaner tomorrow.

Waste to Energy

Transforming waste into valuable energy resources.

Biomass Solutions

Pioneering bioenergy for a sustainable world.

Social Housing

Funding new communities in the areas that need them most.

Healthcare Facilities

Innovating for healthier, greener healthcare environments.

Hydrogen Energy

Fueling the future with clean, powerful hydrogen technology.

Hydro Power

 Utilising water’s natural force for renewable energy.

Vertical Farming

Revolutionising agriculture with sustainable urban farming solutions.

Medical Cannabis

Cultivating green solutions for holistic medical advancements.

Schools & Education

Shaping the future through sustainable educational environments,.

100% Structured Debt Finance

Arkhitekton‘s 100% Structured Debt Finance offers a secure and insured funding solution tailored for significant sustainable development projects. This financial model is designed to support projects from inception to operation, ensuring a stable foundation for both growth and innovation.

Fully Insured:

Comprehensive insurance coverage during both development and repayment phases.

Experienced Management:

Requirement for a management team with a track record of successful project completion.

Funding Range:

Focus on projects valued between £100m and £350m.

Due Diligence:

Mandatory site visits to assess project viability.

Cash Flow Security:

Essential LOIs or contracts to support the finance structure.

Competitive Interest Rates:

Interest rates of 5-8% over a 10/15-year term, subject to covenant and contract strength.

Flexible Loan Terms:

Options for loan periods up to 25 years, aligned with project contracts.

Tailored Funding Solutions:

Secure, flexible, and designed for success, our solution ensures your project’s journey from concept to operation is fully supported.

Our team

Michael Morrison

Founder & Director

Award-winning ICT director with 22 years at British Telecom, now leading a finance company for global green energy and infrastructure projects.

Tarlock Singh

Founder & Director

Qualified accountant with 25 years in SMEs, expert in funding and network development for large-scale project completion.

Tahir Aziz


Property developer with extensive experience in the UK hospitality sector, now focusing on land and property development in Pakistan, with a strong grasp on housing needs and agricultural diversification.

Ian Mackrell

Funding Advisor

Experienced former merchant banker with 40 years in senior roles, specialising in project financing worldwide, including diverse sectors like housing, energy, and infrastructure.

Dr Terry McDonald

With 50 years in civil engineering, including international director roles and 20 years leading his own consultancy, this professional has a track record of delivering diverse projects on time and budget.

Manny Singh

Finance Director

ICAEW ACA with 4+ years in PwC’s Asset & Wealth Management, serving FTSE 100 insurers, large pension funds, and alternative asset managers.

James Cummiskey

Senior Advisor

Digital and AI tech leader with 7+ years in medical cannabis, known for innovative thinking and versatile leadership across industries, driving success at Arkhitekton.

David Jones

Director Of SHEQ

With 18 years in construction health and safety, David leads Arkhitekton Group’s SHEQ and strategies for sectors like healthcare and renewables, ensuring compliance and safety culture.

Fayaz Ahmad

Head of Operations in Pakistan MBA

Entrepreneur Fayaz, founder of Future GEN Solar and MD at FI TRADE INTERNATIONAL, introduced perovskite solar modules in Pakistan. He fosters Pak-Ukraine business ties and has a background in humanitarian work with the HDP and UN agencies.

Andy Akka


Technology Director

Andrew boasts 35 years in technical design and project management, with a portfolio including Center Parcs, Marriott, Sheraton, Ikea, and major retail and leisure facilities.

Sam Pennington

With over 10 years in construction, specialising in social housing, high-security infrastructure, sustainable energy projects, and commercial ventures. Skilled in commercial and operational project management.

Together we can improve the world we live in

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